Updates include cyber security patches, bug fixes and features improvements.


Serena VM is improved every day with a built in process that allows users to keep working during the update. Updates are remotely controlled, downloaded and installed in a silent mode.


Important features come every 3 months. However new cyberattacks happen every day. It is why cyber security patches are deployed in just few hours thanks to Serena Center.


Serena is the critical infrastructure of the branch office. It is why the update process includes tests in our labs and tests from beta users before a wide deployment.

Cybersecurity is an every day intensive work to protect your assets.


The most important thing is to know if a cyberattack happened. It is why Serenena Center checks every 30 minutes if the system has not been compromised.


Our central infrastructure collects networking logs. Serena Center checks for suspicious activity in all Serena deployed making correlations.


Cybersecurity needs a global collaboration. Serena uses Global Cyber Alliance infrastructure to provide fight against phising and malware.

An every month reporting to optimize your time.


As a decision maker you need to take decisions on facts. Serena provides you statistcs on activity users and suspicious networking activities.


Your time is precious and mainly made by resolving issues. Get information on licences used, storage remaining, phone lines availables before a need.

Our support team is at your disposal by e-mail to help you into the deployement and the managing of Serena VM.

Our service is available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. You can follow your ticket with your Serena dashboard