Melvin Cordova Adviser

From LinkedIn

Innovation champion inside DOD and the Intelligence Community, with 30 years of government service. Served as Secretariat of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Innovation Advisory Board. As a Senior Program Manager made investments to solve the most critical operational and strategic challenges in IT, Analysis, HUMINT, and MASINT. Recognized as the most effective and efficient government investor in In-Q-Tel Program. Metrics include: 95% of all investments were cost-shared; for every DIA dollar invested, leveraged two from other government Partners and $20 from private investors. Additionally, maintained key relationships with academia, National Labs, and private industry leading investments in more than 60 innovative companies, including Palantir, VSee, Motion DSP, Voxer, and IntegenX.

Accelerated the full process of transitioning capabilities to operational use by introducing technologies into military exercises, piloting those technologies in realistic scenarios in the U.S. followed by deployment in support of actual military operations overseas. Provided user feedback to companies, developed new tactics, techniques, and procedures; created interoperability across platforms, and transitioned those capabilities to operational use. Received recognition from the Director of National Intelligence for collaboration efforts across the IC.

Hal Jones Adviser

As a CFO my security team struggled to mitigate security risk in our local operations in the US and around the world. I am delighted to support Trovolone in its mission to provide a cost effective cybersecurity solution to this acute problem.

Cybersecurity at every level is of primary concern to every company's Audit Committee and Board of Directors. Trovolone's solution extends security to the field and small branch operations outside of an organizations headquarters at an affordable price.

I am delighted to work with Trovolone in developing its business. The team has developed at proven solution to mitigate cybersecurity threats at smaller organizations and outlying branch operations.